Wine Shop

Our wine shop has up to 350 bottles that you can take home or consume on the spot.

On the catalogue side, over the years, we bet more and more on the human. On building a link. On building connections. Strengthening proximity with our best winegrowers.

We always defend healthy wines, singular and created in the total respect of the terroir.

On the winegrowers side, one may cite the names of Gérard Gauby, vigneron in Calce, Olivier Jullien from Mas Jullien, Rémy Pédreno at Roc d’Anglade, Isabelle et Vincent Goumard from Mas Cal Demoura, in Jonquières, Le Clos Marie by Christophe Peyrus, in Pic Saint Loup or Olivier Pithon. In the Loire, these are winegrowers like Thierry Germain from Domaine des Roches Neuves, Jérôme Bretaudeau from Domaine de Bellevue or Jo Pithon. In Beaujolais, it’s Mathieu Lapierre, the son of the great Marcel, a forerunner in natural wines, Jean-Claude Chanudet at Domaine Chamonard or Christophe Pacalet.

Alongside these well-established names, Winery regularly adds new ones, that of a young unknown winemaker whom we want to defend. A role of talent spotter we assume not without pride.

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