Sharing Food

We always bet on conviviality by suggesting dishes to share.

These evolve according to the products of terroir, seasons and the mood of the chef…

Balance between raw and cooked, small pleasures to share or not, it is an invitation to inlay you, have a drink and skim through all our plates until closing. A first, a second, a third … until you’re no more hungry!

If you want to stay classic, we will offer you for example a plate of ham Iberico, a board of rare cheeses or sardines vintage, a board of traditional products like that of Christian Favre’s and his cured Mont Charvin, boards still to share with friends or to enjoy solo, during the lunch’s time, aperitif or dinner.

Always gourmet, these boards can also surprise as the “Salmon gravelax way”, the “Burgers of poultry with tarragon”, the “Tataki of marinated beef”, the “Shiitake Toast”, the “Parmentier beef”, the ” Lamb kefta “,…

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