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It was in 2004, just shy of fifteen years ago. After working for various merchants, Frédéric de Thibault opens Winery, G. Brugmann Place in Ixelles, a place centered around the wine, both new and different: there, the wine bar splits into a wine shop. Original in its layout, the interior space seduces: bright, airy, open to the city on the bar side; orderly, accessible, on the cellar side. Equally original in its concept, the place allows the customer to taste a wine before buying it. Our staff is trained, refined and smiling. If desired, the customer receives all necessary information about the bottle, the vineyard or the ideal accompaniment for the plate.

Every “bon vivant” and epicurean in the capital comes here to quench their thirst with glasses of red, white or rosé.

The man behind Winery – Frédéric de Thibault

On the catalogue side, over the years, we bet more and more on the human. On building a link. On building connections. Strengthening proximity with our best winegrowers. With Frédéric de Thibault and staff, there is less talk about bottles than talks of those men or women who make the wine.

Anxious to cultivate his differences, the innkeeper likes to hit the roads of France to go and meet “his” vignerons and discover some new ones. These are now mainly French, settled in Languedoc, Loire, Roussillon, Jura or Beaujolais. The taste of the authentic and the refusal of industrial methods of viticulture and winemaking is what brings us together. Sharing their daily lives strengthened Frederic de Thibault’s need to defend wines that are healthy, singular and ripe with feelings.

A second Winery opens in 2017 in the South of the capital in Boitsfort. And finally a third is born in 2018 in the famous Dansaert district.

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